Channel Guidelines

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  1. Don't ask to ask, Don't state: "I have a question", Don't ask: "Is anyone around?" or "Can anyone help?". Just Ask The Question
  2. Don't Repeat. If nobody answers your question, don't just repeat it; we all heard you the first time. more likely, nobody knows the answer (/msg php-bot ask), or you need to provide more information.
  3. Read before asking another question, that is, if you want a smart answer.
  4. /msg the bot. There's no need to ask him in public.
  5. Be polite and patient.
  6. Don't flood/paste. >= 3 lines constitutes a flood and you will be punished. This is your warning. /msg php-bot pastebin. Also /msg php-bot enter
  7. No spam, bots, scripts, trolls, job postings, away/back messages. All these things decrease our already low signal:noise ratio. Ask me about jobs for more info on job postings.
  8. If it's not a PHP question, dont ask. Try any of these channels depending on your question: SQL Q's: #sql, #mysql or #postgresql. Apache Q's: #httpd. Linux Q's: Either #yourdistro, #linuxhelp or #linpeople. HTML/CSS/JavaScript Q's: #html/#css/##javascript or #web. Just because some other channel is 'dead' does NOT mean you can ask here.
  9. Don't PM without permission
  10. We don't support script(s). We help you *write* PHP, not recommend or download and install/hack/modify/adapt/use pre-written scripts or third party APIs. Contact the authors of the script for support options they provide.
  11. ##php is a manual *supplement*. Read the manual FIRST, If after reading the manual you still have difficulties, then you are welcome to ask questions in ##php
  12. Spelling and grammar do matter. Speak well and you will be treated well. cH47 l33t N u r 2 b 0wnx0r3d!!!!!!!!
  13. ##php is an english speaking ONLY channel, please go to #php.Language_Code for your own languages, i.e. or or
  14. never argue with the guidelines or an Op (See Also: Patriot Act)
  15. The purpose of ##php is to assist those who have EXHAUSTED their resources (manual, Google, appropriate IRC channels, etc) in developing their own PHP code. We are not your personal slaves; don't treat us like it. Respect the channel guidelines, as ignorance is no excuse. We're not babysitters; please act maturely. Ignoring the spirit of this notice may lead to bans without prior warning. Don't like it? Leave. It's that simple.