Channel Guidelines

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  1. Don't ask to ask, Don't state: "I have a question", Don't ask: "Is anyone around?" or "Can anyone help?". Just Ask The Question
  2. Don't Repeat. If nobody answers your question, don't just repeat it; we all heard you the first time. more likely, nobody knows the answer /msg php-bot ask, or you need to provide more information.
  3. How you ask a question will have an impact on the quality and accuracy of the response. has some good tips for improving your questions so you can get the answers you're looking for.
  4. /msg the bot. There's no need to ask him in public.
  5. Be polite and patient.
  6. Don't flood/paste. >= 3 lines constitutes a flood and you will be punished. This is your warning. /msg php-bot pastebin. Also /msg php-bot enter
  7. No spam, bots, scripts, trolls, job postings, away/back messages. All these things decrease our already low signal:noise ratio. /msg php-bot jobs for more info on job postings.
  8. If it's not a PHP question, dont ask. Try any of these channels depending on your question: SQL Q's: #sql, #mysql or #postgresql. Apache Q's: #httpd. Linux Q's: Either #yourdistro, #linuxhelp or #linpeople. HTML/CSS/JavaScript Q's: #html/#css/##javascript or #web. Just because some other channel is 'dead' does NOT mean you can ask here.
  9. Don't message OPs privately without permission. Exceptions for those people who are unable to speak in channel but need to talk to the OPs about channel issues or matters.
  10. We don't support script(s). We help you write PHP, not recommend or download and install/hack/modify/adapt/use pre-written scripts or third party APIs. Contact the authors of the script for support options they provide.
  11. ##php is a manual supplement. Read the manual FIRST, If after reading the manual you still have difficulties, then you are welcome to ask questions in ##php
  12. Spelling and grammar do matter. Speak well and you will be treated well. cH47 l33t N u r 2 b 0wnx0r3d!!!!!!!!
  13. ##php is an english speaking ONLY channel, please go to #php.Language_Code for your own languages, i.e. or or
  14. Disagreements are OK as long as it remains civil, but the channel guidelines are not open to debate.
  15. The purpose of ##php is to assist those who have EXHAUSTED their resources (manual, Google, appropriate IRC channels, etc) in developing their own PHP code. We are not your personal slaves; don't treat us like it. Respect the channel guidelines, as ignorance is no excuse. Please act maturely.